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A Kaggle notebook is like a Word document with additional features. It is automatically saved and uploaded to Google Drive. Read more about them at the Kaggle documentation site. Kaggle has more than one million people using Kaggle notebooks for: Researching new machine learning models Practising machine learning algorithms Testing new datasets Competing in competitions Predicting stock prices Testing company's image recognition algorithms Calculating the optimal risk-return tradeoff in a retirement fund Running a Matlab script to train a neural network. Try the Kaggle developer version! The Kaggle Notebook In a Kaggle notebook, you can: Use the interactive Python interpreter Type in your code and press enter to run it Browse web pages Create tables and figures Formulae Document your code Write the code Reflect on your code Manage your projects Check how you've done in the last competition Compare scores against other users to see who is doing well Format your text Use mathematical symbols Use English words correctly See which parts of your code will run when you save it Run your code multiple times without having to re-upload your project Ask the questions you want answered by other users Write comments to explain your code Run your code when you make a change Load your projects from cloud storage Share your notebooks The Python Interpreter Like a programming language, Kaggle Python Notebook allows you to use Python, the most popular programming language used in data science. This is an interactive interpreter and allows you to run code in the Kaggle Python Notebook. In Kaggle, you can run the Python interpreter by typing: !python You can then type your Python code and press enter. You can also run the Python interpreter in the Kaggle editor. If you are new to Python, you can download Python Interpreter Read the Python documentation. You can also create your own Python interpreters or install your Python packages on an Amazon Machine Instance. Alternatively, you can use an external Python interpreter to run your code. Online Python interpreters If

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